Located on a leafy street in The Fan neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia, Boketto is primarily a small, local business with an e-commerce side-hustle. As much as Boketto has defined the job below, for our shared clarity, this isn’t a punch the clock kind of job, lines are blurred at times, working here means you’re required to wear many hats. Boketto believes personal/professional boundaries are healthy, needed, desired… and flexibility is also healthy, needed, desired. That you’re at Boketto joyfully, and feel a sense of purpose and belonging is our wish for you. 

In a nutshell, as a Retail Assistant, you’re responsible for Boketto during your shift.


Retail Assistant Position
  • Part-time (18 hours) and full-time (30 hours) availability
  • Immediate start date preferred
  • Hourly compensation is competitive and includes a generous staff discount on services and products
  • This is an independent contractor position, you’re responsible federal/state taxes and withholdings
  • Note: Retail Assistants are on their feet for most of the day and may be required to lift large/heavy stock.

Personal skills required
  • Have a friendly and engaging personality.
  • Comfortable working with members of the public.
  • Present a confident yet empathetic manner.
  • Be articulate, helpful and polite.
  • Quickly work towards a comprehensive understanding of Boketto products, services and interests (retail, wellness, beauty, community…)
  • Excited to work both as part of a team, and take ownership for your individual responsibilities
  • Possess a self-starting/can-do attitude. i.e.: Not waiting for someone else to do something you can do yourself. Leaving the shop in a better place than when you arrived. “Yes” is your middle name, or at least “Yes, and…”
  • Ability to follow established standard of procedures (SOPs) for inventory, brick & mortar and e-commerce

Is your interest piqued?
We look forward to hearing from you.

How to apply

Send us an email letting us know your unique qualifications and interest in being a part of Boketto Wellness. hello@bokettowellness.com