Reiki is a Japanese method of healing that promotes stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki treats the whole person through energy, and is based on the idea that a life force flows through every person. If your life force is low, you are more likely to fall ill or become unwell. If your life force is high, happiness and relief are more attainable. Reiki can work in conjunction with or alongside other methods of healing to produce beneficial effects on the body and mind. Similar to acupuncture, Reiki stimulates the flow of “Qi” or “Ki” in a person to activate healing. 


Kayla Berry, our Reiki practitioner, is a Reiki Master Teacher that views the body as a holistic system. She believes that your body does its own healing, but sometimes it needs some help along the way. Her intention is to co-create a space for this healing to happen, thus allowing her patients to find relief in natural and accessible practices. 

30 Minute Reiki Treatment, $45