Boketto & Anti-Racism

In addition to serving our online and Richmond communities, we’re focused on decentering whiteness + educating ourselves about anti-racism. We’re here to edify ourselves, do the work, learn, and unlearn. We know this will take time, open-mindedness, and yes— it will at times (often) be uncomfortable. Growth always is. So is healing.


  1. Welcome people of all backgrounds, identities and abilities, to join our formal and informal conversations. And propose them, too.

  2. Champion divergent thoughts and points of view—especially from voices that are not always heard.

  3. Recognize it is no small feat to build and strengthen empathy. But build and strengthen we will.

  4. Create space for dialogue and healing. Even when it's difficult and/or uncomfortable.

  5. Amplify diverse voices on our platforms, stock our shelves, and create more equity in all spaces we show up. 

  6. Share in our wealth. Through donations, paying Black and Brown contributors what they set as their value, and making wellness accessible to all, however and wherever we can.


To be a productive ally, we need to first show up, (un)learn more, and have a reckoning with our internal selves. As individuals and collective, it’s our mission that our time together will bring clarity, growth, and a deeper understanding of the personal & political, why the personal is political, and how the political is personal.

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