Boketto Express

60 Minute Massage + 30 Minute Facial, $150

Due to its popularity in the summer season, we are relaunching and refining "Boketto Express" for the fall as a way to decompress and decongest. Our esthetician incorporates the luxury skincare line from Marie Veronique, accompanied by herbal blends that target the sinus, in order to offer an experience unique to each client. These treatments are done alongside one another in a ninety minute session with Anne, who also offers waxing, tinting, and dermaplaning as add-ons. We carry an extensive line of Marie Veronique products available for at-home use after your treatment.

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Boketto Instant Remedy

30 Minute Herbal Steam and Gua Sha, $45

The "Instant Remedy" treatment uses herbal blends and oils combined with elements of heat and water in order to provide relief for issues associated with seasonal transition. To support each client’s ease, our esthetician uses the gua sha technique on the surface of the skin. A naturally cooling and thoughtfully designed stone tool is implemented to aid in the reduction of puffiness and dark under-eye circles, improve blood flow and skin tone, promote lymphatic drainage, and tighten pores. This method, combined with herbal remedies to target dry and oily skin as well as promote sinus relief and decongestion, allows for unmatched seasonal relief.

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Boketto Renew

60 Minute Massage + 60 Minute Facial, $180

This massage and facial pairing offers a space to relax and renew both the body and mind through the healing hands of our practitioners. Book together or separately for two hours of rejuvenation. Our esthetician, Anne, offers waxing, tinting, and dermaplaning as add-ons to your facial treatment. We carry an extensive line of Marie Veronique products available for at-home use after your treatment. Please call the store to schedule your appointments.

Boketto Relief

60 Minute Massage + 60 Minute Acupuncture + 30 Minute Cupping $195

According to traditional Chinese medicine, allergies are a response to an imbalance in your body. The "Boketto Relief" package is aimed at consoling these imbalances through a combination of treatments. Cupping—a practice utilizing glass cups and flame in order to produce suction on the skin—aids blockage in the lungs, detoxifies the system, increases blood flow, and brings up fresh oxygen from within the dermis to stimulate sustained health. Similarly, acupuncture strategically pinpoints certain areas of the body in order to target each patient's symptoms. Acupuncture can be used to target a number of imbalances within the body and mind for holistic relief. These treatments can be done in succession, or separately at your convenience. Please call the store to schedule your appointments.

Boketto Rescue

60 Minute Facial + 60 Minute Acupuncture+60 Minute Naturopathic Consult, $350

Ideal for those seeking holistic seasonal relief, we are offering these three sessions as a way to effectively and sustainably combat issues throughout the body and mind. Naturopathy is a form of medicine which is less invasive, natural, and promotes self-healing. Naturopathy focuses on the gut, using the six principles of healing in order to treat patients— these principles emphasize the healing power of nature and treat the person as a whole rather than narrowing the scope to a symptom or problem area. Combined with the soothing nature of our facials and the healing hands of our acupuncturist, naturopathy is a wonderful way to effectively and naturally treat underlying health issues alongside other treatments. Please call the store to schedule your appointments.

Boketto Flight

60 Minute Massage + 60 Minute Facial + 60 Minute Acupuncture + 30 Minute Cupping + 60 Minute Naturopathic Consult $450

Our most intentional and holistic seasonal offering— "Boketto Flight" allows for an intensive and extensive range of treatments to provide each patient with everything they need to channel wellness in the upcoming months. This flight offers the core Boketto treatments you know and love in one discounted package, acting as a community resource for health and wellness. We highly recommend this package as we feel it demonstrates the Boketto vision and highlights our mission as a shop and as a community space for wellness and natural care. Please call the store to schedule your appointments.