Naturopathy is a form of integrated medicine that is less invasive, natural, and promotes self-healing. Naturopathy focuses on the entire system—beginning with the gut—using the six principles of healing in order to treat patients. These principles emphasize the healing power of nature, define the doctor as teacher, and treat the person as a whole rather than narrowing the scope to a symptom or problem area. Naturopathy uniquely prioritizes long-term prevention through a focus on the patient’s lifestyle, helping the patient to form a realistic treatment plan to improve their quality of life— as well as provide guidance throughout their care. 

See Dr. Cope if you are looking for the underlying issues that are imbalancing your mind, body, and spirit. Please note that many of Dr. Cope's services, such as Five Element Treatment, are highly specialized and can only be booked through Dr. Cope.

Be sure to check that your Naturopath attended 1/8 board certified Medical Schools and request an NPI number to ensure that you are seeing a true Naturopathic Physician. 

Our in-house naturopath, Dr. Alexandra Cope, is a trauma-trained physician with a professional background, including a 5 year Medical Degree + Naturopath License from The National University of Natural Medicine, 2 years of clinicals with an ENT Naturopath, 2 years of clinicals in Transgender Medicine, a homeopathic certification from the New England School of Homeopathy, as well as Food Sovereignty Training. Dr. Cope strives to inspire empowerment on all levels, focusing on womxn’s health, libido, fertility, and contraceptive options. She specializes in fasting, digestive health, microbiome restoration, and the fertility journey before and after motherhood. 

New patients can expect laboratory evaluations, custom formulations, a complete ninety-minute intake (separate from the consultation), as well as emotional support and guidance throughout their treatment and beyond. 

30 Minute Consultation, $50

This session will include a thorough discussion of patient needs ranging from emotional, to physical, to spiritual. Dr. Cope will perform a comprehensive intake to establish a baseline treatment plan, as well as assess the patient’s naturopathic needs in order to determine which services are suitable and accessible.

60 Minute Naturopathic Medicine Session, $200

This is a focused session with Dr. Cope that implements her treatment plan and includes in-office treatment, progress reports, and accountability assistance. Dr. Cope’s method of treatment is ongoing and subject to change based on patient needs, therefore these sessions are recurring as well as subject to frequency change. 

90 Minute Mercier Fertility Treatment, $245

This is a highly specialized treatment performed by Dr. Cope aimed at women preparing their body for fertility. Mercier Therapy is a deep pelvic-organ manipulation that increases mobility in the uterus in order to optimize the true function of the area and help to therapeutically return blood flow. This therapy can also help to treat fibroids and cysts, as well as aid in menstrual health. 

Please refer to our Boketto x Well package for 6 month and 12 month membership options. These options offer exclusive pricing on naturopathic services including nutritional guidance, lab-testing, phone consultations, and special access to personal health portals.