Boketto makeup services (on-site and off-site services such as weddings, engagement photoshoots, etc.) use products from Vapour, a company that incorporates elements of skincare into the makeup itself. These products allow for an uncompromised experience, nourishing the skin organically in order to promote a healthy radiance unmatched by any other brand.




Mariah Najdawi, our in house make-up artist, has been working professionally in her field for over five years. She employs a skin-first mentality in order to enhance, rather than conceal. Through a combination of both skincare and make-up, Mariah celebrates her individual clients by helping them to implement an individualized routine and regimen using products available at Boketto.

Mariah offers in-depth makeup consultations, which include custom color matching, product recommendations and application on-site. She also offers off-site services for events such as weddings, engagement photoshoots, etc.

E-mail her directly at for pricing and to schedule an appointment.