Skin is an important vessel to underlying health. We believe in nourishing and protecting this precious barrier through a holistic skincare regimen that works on an individual level. Our facial treatments are developed and designed with the highest quality ingredients and massage methods to deeply cleanse, purify and restore.



Anne Dietrich is a Board certified licensed massage therapist and esthetician with over ten years of experience with holistic care. As an Esthetician, she has been able to work with a plethora of skincare lines and has a vast knowledge of products, understanding components and ingredients and how they can affect various skin conditions. She practices nutritional therapies to assist in healing and nourishing the skin. Anne fulfills her passion for skin correction using non-toxic, high quality ingredients—her ultimate goal is to assist her clients both internally and externally through slow beauty.

Anne’s facial treatments use Marie Veronique skin care, exclusively. The superior non-toxic product line draws from nature’s genius and the brain of science through innovative formulations. Every facial addresses the specific needs of the individual client, and all recommended products are available at Boketto to continue your skin-care ritual.