“More than not, when introduced to something new, we desire for a set of external rules to follow. This is part of why I designed ORA+CLE to require no study, to not come with a guide, to physically feel different than other card-based divination tools. To privilege critical thinking and leverage intuition. Leading to more confident and resonate reads.”
~ Jennifer Elsner



It’s one thing to be given a set of clear instructions, and another all together to learn through doing. How Do You ORA+CLE is 2 hours experientially learning how to cultivate your intuitive knowledge, and confidently read divination cards (tarot, oracle and ORA+CLE decks). This isn’t simply memorization, but revealing ways to harness the subconscious—and then trust what actions to take. 

This workshop is available complimentary for anyone who purchases ORA+CLE during the month of December. 

Learning how to use divination cards is fun, illuminating and has many applications in your life. Through listening, conversations and hands-on learning, you’ll develop (or refine!) a daily divination practice. For you + you. You + your clients. You + others. 

How Do You ORA+CLE
with Jennifer Elsner, creator of ORA+CLE
January 10, 2021
1:10 - 3:10 pm
via Zoom 

When you purchase ORA+CLE, you can expect to receive an email from Jennifer within 24 hours with more information. The workshop will be recorded, and made available to anyone who requests.

ORA+CLE is Intrinsic. Esoteric. Dynamic. Cosmic. Prosaic. Therapeutic. Rhapsodic. Terrific. 

Learn about ORA+CLE here humans-like-you.com
Meet Jennifer via her Boketto Moment
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