A coterie of folx coming together to become great propellants of change

Welcome to…

The Boketto Reading Alliance

We’re a collective focused on decentering whiteness + educating ourselves about anti-racism. We’re here to edify ourselves, do the work, learn, and unlearn. We know this will take time, open-mindedness, and yes— it will at times (often) be uncomfortable. Growth always is. So is healing.

The Boketto Reading Alliance:

  1. Welcomes people of all backgrounds and identities, to talk about great propellants of change; via books, podcasts, articles, even art & film.

  2. Serves to remind us, we’re not alone in our intellectual, and emotional inquiries.

  3. Champions thoughts and points of view— from voices that are not always heard (both of members and authors).

  4. Recognizes it is no small feat to build and strengthen empathy. But build and strengthen we will.

  5. Creates a chance for sweet, sweet dialogue. Which seems simple, but really is a much needed relief from the seemingly endless diatribe around us all.

  6. Proposes books that you may have not picked for yourself, articles that push your edges, films that expand understanding, art that provokes preconceived notions, and podcasts that challenge practices.

  7. Amplifies diverse voices of our guest moderators, speakers, panels. (Reachout if you’re BIPOC and interested in leading our group, in a safe space with curious humans.)

  8. Unites, which is a huge deal today— and always. 


How to Participate

  1. Email your interest to: hello@bokettowellness.com. Put The Boketto Reading Alliance in the subject. We'll get back to you within 24-hours to confirm receipt and share next steps.
  2. Receive the assignment material(s). 
  3. The Boketto Reading Alliance will kick-off, officially, with a short, virtual, welcome meeting. 15-30 minutes.
  4. An optional meeting, mid-way, to discuss in-progress work is offered to everyone.
  5. A few days before our final gathering, you’ll receive an email prompt to share your burning questions, &/or thoughts, &/or ideas. Your participation will help facilitators to address common themes, and better insure you’re seen and heard.
  6. As a collective we’ll come together to discuss the book/article/podcast/film… usually a month after commencement. Until we’re confident about meeting in-person safely, we’ll connect virtually, via Zoom
  7. All meetings will be recorded. If you can’t attend live, we’ll gladly, promptly distribute as requested.
  8. A few days later, after some integration, the next assignment will be announced.
  9. Rinse and repeat. 

To be a productive ally, we need to first show up, (un)learn more, and have a reckoning with our internal selves. As individuals and collective, it’s The Boketto Reading Alliance’s mission that our time together will bring clarity, growth, and a deeper understanding of the personal & political, why the personal is political, and how the political is personal.

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