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Maven Made Zodiac Blends

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Get the entire Astrology collection of aromatic roll-on blends (a $24 savings), each topped with a specific gemstone roller ball and an overview card for each sign.

BLACK PEPPER focuses the mind
LEMON uplifts energy
PEPPERMINT rejuvenates senses
BRECCIATED JASPER ROLLER to ease stress, center the mind and promote organization

YLANG YLANG soothes and uplifts spirit
CARDAMOM increases mental clarity
ROSE QUARTZ ROLLER promotes unconditional love and heart opening

LEMONGRASS boosts confidence
BERGAMOT promotes feelings of joy
BASIL reduces metal fatigue
TIGER'S EYE ROLLER focuses the mind, eases anxiety and moodiness

BLUE CHAMOMILE reduces mental tension
JUNIPER relieves fatigue
LAVENDER calms the senses
CLEAR QUARTZ ROLLER protects and amplifies energy

NEROLI soothes the mind and body
BERGAMOT boosts overall emotional wellness
ROSE increases positivity
RED AVENTURINE ROLLER manifests goals and desires into reality

FRANKINCENSE eases digestive upsets
GRAPEFRUIT boosts confidence
TONKA BEAN grounds the mind
YLANG YLANG reduces mental confusion
CARNELIAN promotes bravery, restores vitality and motivation

ORANGE increases joy
GERANIUM balances hormones
BLACK PEPPER stimulates the mind
YLANG YLANG fights the "blues"
GREEN AVENTURINE ROLLER promotes cooperation and empathy

CEDARWOOD calms and grounds
PATCHOULI balances emotions
ORANGE induces joy
TONKA BEAN promotes passion
LEOPARD JASPER detoxifies and promotes physical healing

NEROLI softens emotions
BERGAMOT promotes joy
GERANIUM calms anxiousness
ROSEMARY focuses the mind
SODALITE ROLLER boosts logical thinking and working with others  

JUNIPER removes mental blocks
VETIVER releases anxieties
BERGAMOT promotes joy
CEDARWOOD calm the mind
RAINBOW FLOURITE stabilizes energy and protects

LAVENDER soothes an overworked mind and body
LEMON reduces exhaustion
HEMATITE ROLLER absorbs negativity and promotes grounding

PATCHOULI mentally grounding
ROSE promotes self-love
CEDARWOOD relaxes mind and body
AMETHYST ROLLER balances and boosts self-worth

USE: Roll on directly to the skin + ideal for application on pulse points, chakras, third eye, bottoms of feet or wrists.