WTHN Herbal Supplements


Prevent, Heal + Glow. Stay well, be strong + shine on. With 6 WTHN organic herbal blends, we have what you need for all the things.


This ancient Chinese herbal formula is supercharged with the immune-system-boosting Reishi mushroom. De-stress the body, and boost the immune system. If you have an autoimmune disorder and are on immunosuppressants, this formula is not right for you. • boosts the immune system in the short term • immune system building over time  • fewer overall days under the weather

This is WTHN’s take on time-tested traditional Chinese formula Yin Chiao, trusted to help support your lungs, throat, and sinuses, as well as relieve minor body aches. The ultimate for symptom relief and/or shorter duration. This formula may lower blood sugar. Not recommended two weeks before a scheduled surgery. • immune system support • sinus support • throat support • relieves body aches

Undo when you overdo it. Take this formula right after your chosen indulgence (food or drink) to recover quickly, before going to bed to heal as you sleep—or take the morning after, oops! Do not take two weeks before a scheduled surgery. Contains trace amounts of gluten. • supports detox • liver support • supports digestion • increases metabolism • relieves minor body aches • leaves your head happy • feel clear-headed and able to go about your day

If you've been burning the candle at both ends for way too long and caffeine’s your crutch to get through the day, Fully Charged could be a game-changer. Also for those who workout HARD. Not recommended if you have hypertension. • restore and sustain energy levels • increase endurance • increase productivity • reduce fatigue

This one's a 3-for-1: prevent, maintain, and heal. If you're always stressed out, this is a great ongoing way to manage the millions of things you're juggling. If you have an intense week ahead of you, use preventatively and start taking at the beginning of the week. • helps you manage stress • stay even-keeled, and keep your cool • non-drowsy, calm but energized • promotes sustainable energy levels • promotes balance • adaptogenic

Formulated with herbs used to support the body’s natural detoxification processes. After use you may experience: improved digestion, clearer skin, more energy, less pain, better sleep • cleanses the body for optimal function • supports the major detox organs: liver, kidney, colon

Warning: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or have a pre-existing condition, please consult with your healthcare professional before taking any herbal supplement.



How do you choose your products?
All products carried at Boketto Wellness have been chosen with your wellbeing in mind and adhere to the highest standards of containing all-natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients. We have direct relationships with the makers behind every single brand that we carry, and can attest to the intention, thoughtfulness, and quality of each product. We like to stock products that aren't available on Amazon, and are actively building to better represent underrepresented makers (black, femme and queer) in the wellness category. If you have specific questions or concerns about ingredients, do reach out. We’re happy to provide detailed information to ensure you receive the answers you’re looking for.

Do you sell local brands?
We do! In fact it’s something that we’re very proud of, and is at the core of our business approach in supporting independent makers that craft right here in Richmond, Virginia.

Can you help me in figuring out which products best suit my lifestyle?
The beauty of our brick + mortar is that all of our retail specialists are well versed in our products and excited to connect with you on an individual level to better understand your priorities and needs. To help you select the products that are best suited for you simply reach out to us via booking a private retail appointment or swinging by the shop. If you’re unable to make it into our Richmond shop, send your questions through social, phone, or email—we’re happy to connect with you there.

What is your shipping policy (Domestic & International)?
We ship with USPS in the continental U.S. And do our best to ship within 3 days after receipt of your order. Usually it is same or next day.

  • Standard shipping is free for domestic orders over $100
  • Purchases under $100 is calculated by weight and class of shipping chosen

We use DHL for international shipping, and is calculated by weight and distance to travel.

What’s your return/exchange policy? 
Please refer to our Return Policy Page

Do you offer educational workshops and events?
Absolutely! We host and provide education on a variety of topics and events for the Boketto community. Virtual workshops and events are announced first on Social and via our newsletter.

If you’re interested in hosting a workshop or special event on our platform, email Boketto Founder, Jelena Nikolajevic with your proposal/details, etc. jelena@bokettowellness.com

Do you sell gift cards?
Yes, digital and physical gift cards are available for purchase in-store and online

I’m interested in stocking my product at Boketto...
We’re curious to learn about you! Kindly send your query to bokettowellness@gmail.com, including product & wholesale pricing information. We read all inquiries received, promptly. Due to the number of requests received, we can only reply to makers that currently meet our needs.

Who did your website / photography / styling?
Our website was designed by Claire Crookston Creative with Jennifer Elsner, and the gorgeous photography + styling was done by Alexis Courtney and Bella Weinstein, respectively.




What services do you currently offer?
Acupuncture, facials/gua sha, waxing & tinting, massage therapies (reflexology, pregnancy, sport...), and Naturopathy. All treatments are provided by licensed practitioners that offer effective perspectives and methodologies that cater to your individual needs. You can learn more about our services and practitioners on our Services page.

What products are used in the treatments?
For massage treatments, it varies for each practitioner and the client’s preference. All cream- and oil-based products used in massage treatments are 100% natural and organic. Marie Veronique products are exclusively used in all our facial treatments. If you have any questions or concerns about allergies, scent, etc do reach out, we’re happy to get you the answers you need.

How do I book an appointment? You can book 24/7 online, or feel free to call our shop during store hours to speak with someone directly about making an appointment.

What is the cancellation policy?
With the required COVID protocols for services, we’ve tightened-up our cancellation policy, and appreciate your understanding.

When cancelling or changing your service appointment, our policy requires you kindly give us 24 hours notice. We will not be able to offer refunds on late cancellations, last-minute changes or no shows—the card used to book an appointment are subject to be charged the full cost of the scheduled service.

You can cancel or change an appointment online, by following the link in your confirmation/reminder emails. You’ll receive an email confirmation to assure your cancellation request has been accepted. 

And, yes, emergencies happen. If something unforeseen occurs, wherever we can, our team will work with you to resolve it. Within 24 hours contact us at (804) 354-6707 during store hours. 

When does my card get charged?
A card is required to book your appointment, however it isn’t charged until your service is complete. (Or if an appointment isn’t cancelled outside of the above 24-hourpolicy.)

Is there paperwork that I need to complete prior to my appointment?
At the time of booking your appointment, you’ll be given intake forms to complete. We suggest review and complete the paperwork relevant to your service digitally, promptly. Your practitioner will want to review before your arrival, to best prepare and address concerns/questions.

When you arrive to your appointment you’ll have typical COVID screening paperwork to sign.

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