Tulip & Bear Candle

Tulip & Bear Candle

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SPRING: Up from the earth the stems and buds emerge, rebirth is here again. Base notes of musk, a gust of green vetiver and inspiring notes of geranium, violet, and rich rose. 

Intoxicating | Elevating | Inspiring

NEW MOON: With fragrant herbs floating on rich wood and amber base notes, New Moon is infused with the essential oils of sage to balance emotions, lavandin to bolster hope and ease sadness, and orange to calm and brighten the mood. 

Grounding | Balancing | Comforting

MYSTERY: The scent of secrets, on a heart of sandalwood where cedar and musk entice the ears of jasmine. (Made with black wax.)

MIDNIGHT OIL: Smells of  jasmine and lavender top notes grounded by rich vanilla and sandalwood base notes and is infused with balsam oil to warm the room, and lavandin to promote concentration and relieve stress. Made with black wax, this handsome and inspiring candle is perfect for any workspace. 

Energy | Inspiration | Clarity

DETAILS: 7 oz.