60 Min Facial

60 Min Facial

Regular price $145.00

For the time being, our regular facial treatments are on pause until further notice. We’re offering at-home Zoom Consultations and in-person Facial-focused Massage that meet both your beauty and wellness needs.


Skin is an important vessel to underlying health. We believe in nourishing and protecting this precious barrier through a holistic skincare regimen that works on an individual level. Our facial treatments are developed and designed with the highest quality ingredients and massage methods to deeply cleanse, purify, and restore. We aim for each client to end their experience with skin that feels nourished, relaxed, and soothed. Therefore, each facial is individualized based on client needs and desires using quality, high-performing, natural products. We also offer Dermaplane, waxing + tinting services that pair nicely with any facial treatment. 
The price includes gratuity.