The Boketto Insider Membership

Community, Wellness, Exclusive Offers — & so much more. The Boketto Insider is here. Our loyalty program-meets continuing education-meets promotional discount  Membership has been in the works for a few months now, and we’re ready to welcome you. 

COVID-19 illuminated so much for so many. The good, the bad and the ugly. Over the past year, we’ve had so many conversations about what was lost, and what there is to gain. We interrogated our retail practices, customer service and desire to be of service and designed one simple membership platform to make it easy and delightful to shop, learn and grow individually as well as a community.

Membership Includes

Discounts - Always receive 15% off all shop products. Eliminating sales and promotions, means you always know you’re getting the best price and can let go of the discount code hunt.

Events - As a member, you may attend 1 monthly event of your choice for free, with priority booking— AND received discount pricing on all workshops & series. We're developing a calendar with a variety of voices and vibes. Good health is engaging with those passionate about their work in the world, trying new things & thoughts.