Boketto Ritual | Fall & Winter Offerings Explained

Skin is the vessel within which we carry ourselves. It is our largest organ, acting as the barrier within which we protect ourselves. Thus, as the seasons change and the outside world cools down, it is essential to care for the skin and participate in sustainable practices. At Boketto, we pride ourselves on being a community resource for health and wellness— with this in mind, we have created a number of offerings aimed at restoration, relief, and remedy as we transition into the fall and winter seasons. Beginning at $45, we hope that these treatments and services are accessible to all wishing to find seasonal relief. Ranging from facials, to massage, to Chinese medicine and beyond— there is something for everyone in this season’s packages. Read on for an explanation of how our treatments can be beneficial in this transitional time.

In the Boketto Instant Remedy treatment, as well as in all of our facials, we use “gua sha” as a method through which to stimulate lymphatic drainage and treat other symptoms of stress, allergies, inflammation, and congestion. In traditional Chinese medicine, practitioners employ gua sha to rid the body of “cold winds,” using a thoughtfully designed stone tool to scrape the surface of the skin. Therefore, as cold winds descend upon our beautiful city, we are offering these facial treatments with seasonal afflictions in mind. Gua sha facilitates lymphatic drainage, which helps to target these aforementioned symptoms by stimulating a facial detoxification. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. Often times, when we fall sick or are more susceptible to illness, lymph fluid can build up causing congestion in the face and straining facial muscles. Paired with our favorite Longevity Serum from Pan Natural Goods—which is created using tamanu, marula, jojoba, sandalwood, and vetiver— these treatments provide unmatched relief. 

While some might consider facials a luxury, we have included them in our packages for accessibility as our treatments soothe the skin and target a wide variety of acne and skin conditions. Our esthetician, Anne, works closely with each client in order to create a ritual suited towards each individual's needs. Whether your skin is dry, oily, red, or tired— a Boketto facial is unlike any other. Using Marie Veronique's luxury skincare line, we aim to treat a wide variety of skin conditions to provide restoration and relief in the dryer and cooler months. 

While we offer acupuncture year-round, we would like to emphasize the benefits of acupuncture treatments in the cooler seasons. To make this treatment accessible to all, we are including this ancient Chinese practice in a number of our seasonal packages. When an acupuncture needle is inserted, it causes a micro-trauma to the skin. This microtrauma stimulates collagen production, thus improving skin quality, increasing blood flow and oxygen, and allowing for the circulation of other nutrients for overall skin health. Acupuncture helps to boost the body’s immune system through stimulating certain points all over the body, releasing “Qi” and relieving symptoms of stress and weather-induced symptoms of illness. Acupuncture is meant to be a recurring treatment— we hope these packages act as a starting point for those seeking a more natural form of care. 

Alongside the Chinese practice of acupuncture, we are also offering cupping in our Fall and Winter Packages. Our practice utilizes glass cups and flame in order to produce suction on the skin. This practice detoxifies, increases circulation, and brings in fresh oxygen by pulling up from under the fascia layer of the dermis. In tandem with our other treatments, cupping provides tremendous relief for those who hold tension within their muscles, especially as seasonal stress is elevated under the influence of the cooler weather. 

Our two most inclusive packages offer consults with our in-house naturopath, Dr. Alex Cope. By focusing on the gut, Dr. Cope seeks to promote self-healing through natural and herbal remedies. Beginning with lifestyle rather than focusing solely on symptoms, Dr. Cope seeks to provide sustainable and long-term care through a holistic form of treatment to improve her patients’ quality of life. By including Dr. Cope in our extensive packages, we hope to offer an accessible starting point for those seeking long-term natural care throughout all seasons. 

For details on each package, please refer to our Fall & Winter Packages page.