Boketto CBD Guide

The most frequent and relevant topic of conversation at Boketto these days is focused around cannabidiol — more commonly referred to as CBD. A molecular compound found in the cannabis and hemp plant, CBD is known (and proven) to be an effective holistic treatment for pain management and a wide range of illness and disease — including endometriosis and menstrual related discomfort, chronic anxiety, depression, PTSD, Crohn’s disease, and cancer. We’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response from our community regarding the relief they’ve felt since introducing various CBD products into their current lifestyle. It’s a wonderful ally for daily or circumstantial use, and has both recreational and medicinal purposes depending on the individual need.

With the influx of CBD-based products (edible, internal, and topical) that we’ve recently introduced, we felt that it may be helpful to provide an overview of what we currently offer to help pinpoint your body’s preferences and needs — whether it’s a convenient daily supplement to take as you begin or end your day, a tincture that travels with you for targeted, circumstantial support, or a soothing salve or body oil to massage on to achey joints after a long, labor intensive day. Many of our products provide a complete sensory experience, which is why we’ll often have tastings (for our edibles), samples, and testers available to help find what suits your body’s personal taste, scent and sensation preferences.


Beekeepers Naturals B-CHILL Raw Honey (500mg) | Raw honey formulated with a high potency hemp oil (28mg per teaspoon) and MCT emulsion that naturally maximizes bioavailability and absorption. Enjoy ½ a teaspoon when you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or overrun during a busy day, or indulge in a full teaspoon before bed to promote restful sleep.

How we love it: drizzled on coconut yogurt, local sourdough, or stirred in herbal tea

CocoRau CBD Sublime Elixir | This elixir powder combines the immune enhancing adaptogens of astragalus, eleuthero and rhodiola with a hint of maqui berry for subtle sweetness + 5mg CBD per serving.

How we love it: blended into a frothy, warm coconut butter based latte prior to bedtime

Laka Living Entrepreneurs Guap | A high potency organic sprouted almond butter containing essential amino acids (like L-Theanine and L-Glutamine), adaptogens (lions mane, cordyceps, and pine pollen) that support creativity, stress, and libido. With a touch of pure vanilla bean, hawaiian sea salt and hemp crystals, it’s a revved up pantry staple to keep you in your flow state.

How we love it: by the spoonful! but also slathered on breakfast staples like toast, yogurt, pancakes, etc.

Plant People Hemp-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (200mg) | Single-origin full-spectrum CBD in organic and sustainably-grown cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil meant to promote satiety and reduce anxiety while boosting natural digestive processes.

How we love it: to dress leafy greens and seasonal salads, over crispy smashed potatoes, or drizzled on stone fruit with whipped ricotta

Soul Addict Holy Cacao Hemp Butter (100mg) | A raw, small batch, high vibrational dark chocolate spread that supports a true state of bliss. Raw cacao chocolate is combined with whole plant hemp sourced CBD, coconut manna, and hemp seed oil.

How we love it: also by the spoonful! and melted down, then drizzled over vegan ice cream


Calyx Wellness CBD Tincture (250mg-2,000mg) | Intended to support minor health ailments (at the 250-500mg dosage) including anti-anxiety, stress management, ADHD, and minor headaches and pains, this product provides the perfect dose to allow the mind and muscles to relax; while at higher dosages (1,000-2,000mg), it supports severe health conditions including epilepsy, post cancer treatment, and schizophrenia.

Cordial Organics CBD Bitters (300mg) | A naturally effervescent blend of whole flower CBD with a proprietary blend of herbs that elevate everything from sparkling mineral water to cocktails, while providing digestive support before or after meals.

Infinite CBD Rocket Ship Suppositories (25mg) | Suppositories provide optimal bioavailability and direct delivery to the bloodstream either rectally or vaginally, bypassing the digestive process. Highly beneficial for cancer patients with pelvic, rectal, colon, prostrate or ovarian cancer. They also mitigate lower back pain and help tremendously with period pain. Made with pure coconut oil for easy slide and added anti bacterial and anti microbial properties.

Soul Addict CBD Tincture (250mg-500mg) | As a more recreational CBD tincture, this full-spectrum & whole plant hemp extract supports relaxation and is a suitable options for those looking to soothe daily stress, anxiety and sleep.

Plant People Daily CBD Supplement Capsules

  • Everyday+ Capsules (15mg per cap, 450 mg per bottle) | A blend of single origin, sun-grown CBD and magnesium citrate that promotes and maintains body and brain function, reduces residual stress and anxiety.

  • Calm Capsules (15mg per cap, 450 mg per bottle) | A beneficial blend of full-spectrum CBD and clinical strength adaptogenic and nervine herbs that supports the body’s ability to manage and deal with stress. Promotes present awareness, boosts body and brain function.



  • Calming Body Oil (50mg) | A moisturizing body oil with calming plant extracts including lavender, chamomile, and frankincense that promotes a meditative state of relaxation. Wonderful before bedtime, gently massaging directly to temples, chest, and pulse points to relieve anxiety or when under extreme stress.

  • Circulating Leg & Foot Oil (100mg) | A potent massage oil crafted with warming botanical extracts (capsaicin, ginger, and grapefruit) that stimulates blood flow to awaken tired limbs while relieving inflammation. Best used prior to physical activity or as a morning wake up call to help stimulate blood flow throughout the body, reinvigorating legs, feet and hands. Ideal for athletes, travelers, and anyone looking to help increase circulation.

    *also available as a spray for more convenient application

  • Extra Strength Relieving Body Oil (100mg) | Double strength, fast acting, pain relieving body oil with organic essential oils and anti-inflammatory plant extracts including arnica, peppermint, juniper, and clove. A cooling and invigorating option that is perfect for use on sore muscles, swollen joints and distressed skin (and can also be massaged onto temples and pulse points to relieve migraines and stress).

    *also available as a spray for more convenient application

  • Sexy Time Personal Intimacy Oil (50mg) | This sensual and arousing intimacy oil contains exotic and wildcrafted plant ingredients (jasmine, coconut, and argan) for a soft glide that enhances sensitivity and increases blood flow. Used alone or with a partner, may support increased arousal and orgasms.

Blue Ridge Hemp Co.

  • CBD Infused Salve (200mg) | Most commonly used for joint related issues, nerve pain and Inflammation, this potent salve provides a cooling sensation that melts when applied to skin. Key ingredients include mango butter (contains the terpene Myrcene which is known to increase the effects of cannabinoids), capsicum (creating a warming effect caused by inflammatory response), menthol crystals (to reduce inflammation and irritation), and pure CBD isolate.

  • CBD Bath Bombs (60mg) | Three distinct bath bombs to either calm and relax, relieve joint pain, or soothe muscle tension. Best when given at least 30 minutes to soak during your bath ritual.

Cordial Organics

  • Restore Stick (200mg) | A soothing and cooling blend of shea butter, beeswax, camphor, peppermint, rosemary and hemp that relaxes sore muscles, calms an achy neck, and eases strained temples, jaw, shoulders, joints, and back.

*also available as a balm, containing 300mg CBD per tin

  • Reverence Bath Salts (10mg) | Elevating your bath ritual, this calming blend of mineral rich salts and clay, combined with rose, lemon, and cardamom, are formulated to settle the mind, curb overthinking and worry.